Presentation Tips For Selling Real Estate

We all know when you put your property on the market it can be stressful keeping your home in tip top condition for inspections. At Sails Real Estate we believe presentation is so important when selling your home as it makes a big difference to first impressions. So, we have gathered some great tips to help you keep your home well-presented without the stress.

Helpful tips:

  • Clean for 10 minutes each day with consistent little cleans to keep on top of house cleaning.
  • Make your bed every morning & every couple of months vacuum your mattress for a good clean.
  • Invest in smart storage solutions.
  • Use rubber gloves to collect pet hair.
  • Vacuum your dog- tip* you can buy grooming attachments for your furry friends!
  • Use a toothbrush to clean small or hard to reach areas.
  • Create homes for loose items which often create a scattered mess, eg: keys & bags (this will also help you to locate these items easily).
  • Do small loads of washing everyday. Keep laundry organised.
  • Simple but effective… put things back where you found them.
  • Avoid half-finished jobs! Try to complete what you start.
  • If your front entrance is becoming a bit of a dump with various items left everywhere try leaving a tub at the front door to keep things tidy.

Keeping cupboards organised such as your pantry and linen cupboard create a clean, uncluttered impression. Try these tips:

Pantry Organisation –

  1. Clear & Clean

Clear all items off shelving & clean pantry thoroughly

  1. Bin, Plan & Store

Before placing all items back into pantry get rid of any old items that may be expired / out of date. Use up all the older items straight away.

  1. Categorise

Before re-stocking the pantry categorise all the items so it is easy to access and store.

  1. Practical storage

Invest in a storage system which works for your household and keeps your pantry neat.

Linen Cupboard Organisation –

  • Keep “like” items together
  • Arrange into categories eg: sheets, towels, blankets, etc
  • De-clutter & get rid of any damaged linen or anything you don’t use anymore
  • Store items in sets – this looks neat and is easy to access

We wish you well with your property sale and if you need any advice or help with selling real estate in Merimbula, Pambula, Tura Beach or Pambula Beach please contact our experienced, friendly sales staff.


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Presentation Tips For Selling Real Estate